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WITCH STUFF is a lovely and cool cauldron font.


I had this idea after creating 'dear xmas' two years ago, I used the same characters, since I really liked the concept I achieved years ago. Obviously, I've learned a lot in these two years, and this font is even more beautiful, I added many stars and, of course (the main shape)… a cool and huge cauldron!!!.. I really loved the outcome. What do you think? It's cool, don't you think?


I love that it's full of magic, cauldrons, and lots and lots of stars.


This font includes:

     ⋒ OTF font file “WITCH STUFF-BASE

     ⋒ OTF font file “WITCH STUFF-STARS

     ⋒ Accent characters and most symbols ARE NOT included. 


Use the 14 symbols included to make cute/cool compositions.

  • Period . – Ghost
  • Comma , – Heart
  • Colon : – “White witch” cauldron
  • Colon ; – “Making magic” cauldron
  • Asterisk * – Star
  • Number sign # - Stars group
  • Slash / – “Stay spooky” cauldron
  • ParenLeft ( – Witch's broom
  • ParenRight ) – Witch Hat
  • Bracket Left [ – Cauldron
  • Bracket Right ] – Heart Cauldron
  • Ampersand & – & Cauldron
  • Plus + – “Halloqueen” Cauldron
  • Percent % – “Hello witches” Cauldron


If you need the .TTF font file or if you have any questions or any other request, please contact us.


María Feliz Team




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