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GHOST SHOW is a simple but cute and playful Halloween font. I really enjoyed creating it! ... During my creative process, I do many, many tests, and in fact, I had created this one specifically for Valentine's Day, but for some reason, months went by and I abandoned this project. A few days ago, I decided to give it another chance, but now with Halloween elements (one of my favorite seasons of the year), and voilà! I think it was meant for this celebration. I loved the outcome, so I hope you like it too. What do you think?


I like that you can create cool products like t-shirts, stickers, mugs, phrases, etc. with a Halloween touch but without a truly creepy feeling. 😉


This font includes:

     ⋒ OTF font file “GHOST SHOW

     ⋒ Most accent characters included


Use the 6 symbols included to make cute/cool compositions.

  • Backlash \  – Bat
  • Greater >  – “O” with bat
  • Less < – Ghost
  • Period centered symbol · – Star 1
  • Logical not ¬ - Star 2 (shine)
  • Bar symbol | – Mini heart Shape



If you need the .TTF font file or if you have any questions or any other request, please email us at


María Feliz Team




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