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HORROR LAND is a cool bloody hand drawn font.


I'm a huge fan of Halloween season and everything related to monsters and all that involves horror (hehe! I love true crime series, horror movies and of course monsters), so I couldn't miss a bloody font in my catalog! And this was the result... I present to you Horror Land! Hope you like it. :P


This font includes:

     ⋒ OTF font file “HORRORLAND

     ⋒ Accent characters and most symbols ARE included. 


Use the 3 symbols included to make cool compositions.

  • Left curly bracket { – Skull
  • Right curly bracket } – Heart
  • Logical Not  ¬ – Bat


If you need the .TTF font file or if you have any questions or any other request, please contact us.


María Feliz Team




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