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Introducing "Doing Great" - A Cool Hand-Drawn Bubble Font


Elevate your designs with "Doing Great," a unique hand-drawn bubble font perfect for all your creative projects. Inspired by a love for rounded shapes, this font adds a softer, welcoming touch.


This font includes:

⋒ OTF font file “Doing Great”

⋒ OTF font file “Doing Great-outline”

⋒ Most accent characters included. Before your purchase test your characters in the font previewer (Creative Market or FontBundles).


Why You'll Love "Doing Great":

  • Versatile: Ideal for branding, stickers, t-shirts, merchandise, quotes, and social media.
  • Unique Characters: Features special letters and fun symbols.
  • Hand-Drawn Charm: Adds a personal, handcrafted feel to any design.


Perfect For:

  • Branding & Logos
  • Stickers & Merchandise
  • Apparel & T-Shirts
  • Quotes & Social Media Posts


Get "Doing Great" now and make your projects stand out with a cool & charming style!


Use the 8 symbols included to make cute/cool compositions.

  • Left Curly Bracket { – Heart (substitute for the letter "O")
  • Right Curly Bracket } – TH ligature
  • Left Square Bracket [ – LA liagture
  • Right Square Bracket ] – “o” another lowercase version
  • BackSlash \   – Star
  • Logical Not ¬ – Shine/star
  • Greater equal ≥ – Fun quotation marks (up)
  •  Less equal ≤ – Fun quotation marks (down)


If you need the .TTF font file or if you have any questions or any other request, please contact us.


María Feliz Team



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