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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I found your Fonts on and I want to use the for my personal projects, Can I use your fonts for free?
    We are really happy that you like our fonts, and the answer is Yes!! You can use our fonts for free as long as you use them ONLY for personal projects, if you want to use them for commercial purpose you have to get a license. You can visit our stores at and
  • How to install a font under Mac Os?
    You can find an easy tutorial here
  • How to install a font under Windows?
    You can find an easy tutorial here
  • How to access OpenType features?
    Guess what? Yes! you can find many tutorials for different programs/software here
  • I purchase a font license but I’m not happy with your work. Can I get my money back?
    We are so sorry that you didn’t like our work but sadly we do NOT offer refunds. We love our customers and for that reason, before purchasing any license you can ask us for a demo version or in some cases you can download the font on our dafont profile and if you like how the font works with your project... You are ready to get a license! Check our Refund Policy here

Please contact us if you have additional questions.

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