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ROCKSTAR is a fun and playful handmade font family

This font is perfect for creating unique prints and quotes, social media, products, and much more in an easy way, just by mixing the uppercase with the lowercase o and s characters.


This font includes:

     ⋒ OTF font file “ROCKSTAR

     ⋒ OTF font file “ROCKSTAR FILL

     ⋒ OTF font file “ROCKSTAR LINED

     ⋒ OTF font file “ROCKSTAR LINED FILL


     ⋒ Most accent characters included


Mix & match the uppercase with the “o” and “s” lowercase characters to get a unique result in your designs. Also you can use the “bullet” symbol as a substitute for the letter “o” 

  • Lowercase o – Full heart
  • Lowercase s – Lightning
  • Bullet symbol • - Empty heart 


✷ If you need the .TTF font file or if you have any questions or any other request, please email us at


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