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Access to OpenType features

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

Hello Font lovers!!

Ok, you get a really lovely font from us but you need to get access to the cool extra goodies like ligatures, flourishes, alternate characters and others styles. Don't worry!!! we prepared a little post to show you how easy it is to get all this cool stuff.

But first you need to know that…

  • Not all fonts are created or designed in the same way or with the same features for this reason some fonts are more minimal in their features, and some might not have any extra features at all. In every font that we design, we always try to show you the specific characteristics of that font.

  • We suggest that before purchasing any commercial licenses you check whether the program you are using supports these features. We love our customers and we want you to be happy with our fonts. And because of that, you can ask us for a demo version or sometimes we upload our fonts on so you can try the fonts before you buy them. (You can check our Refund Policy Here.)

Having said this, to make it easier for you, we found amazing YouTube tutorials that shows in detail way how you can access to these cool features.

If the Open Type features (ligatures, alternates, etc.) don’t work in the program you are using you can also access to them through your Font Book (Mac) or Character Map (Windows).

Just select and copy paste the ligature (This should work in most programs).

Remember that we always recommend you install the .otf font files instead of the .ttf font file because this last one is an “older version” font file type.

We explain this before but don't worry here it is the reason...

Both types include all of the same characters, but the .otf font file can automatically make certain replacements that are programmed into the font, things like stylistic alternates, ligatures, swashes, etc. to make your text automatically awesome and with out to much effort.

Sometimes we provide both files because some programs only work with .ttf font files, in these cases you’ll have to install this font file (honestly it is very strange that this happens because as we mentioned before this kind of font file is “old”) but of course feel free to ask us for the .ttf file if you need it.

Important note for procreate users*** :

In most cases we add a mini guide to use the ligatures and the alternates with a code, for example A.1 M.1 etc.

Specifically with the Bohemian Soul font we add a completely different font file, since it has many ligatures and alternates (Bohemian Soul_MF) for other programs like procreate, affinity designer or even if you don't know how to use alternates and ligatures in photoshop or illustrator. You just need to type A.1 M.1 r.1 h2 .... We also include a small user guide for this font file.

For the other fonts you must check the small guide that we always try to include.

With Love,

Maria Feliz Team.


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