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WITCHCRAFT is creepy handmade but awesome font.

This font is perfect for Halloween (or not) quotes, products, social media, etc. It will add a creepy touch to your designs.

I am truly in love with this font because it gives a different vibes to the normal products I created before, so I hope you like it!


This font includes:

     ⋒ OTF font file “WITCHCRAFT

     ⋒ Most accent characters included

     ⋒ Graphics are NOT included


Mix & match uppercase and lowercase letter to get a better result in your designs

✷ Use the 5 symbols included to make cute compositions.

  • Asterisk  symbol * - Star
  • Period centered symbol · – Star with circle
  • Bullet symbol • – Eye
  • Square brackets [ ] - Decorations left/right


Important note: To use the special features of this font (the ligatures) you need a software with “OpenType” Features supported such as Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. But if you don't need them, you can use it without problems.


✷ If you need the .TTF font file or if you have any questions or any other request, please email us at


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